Would You Like to Restart?

a man and his computer friend go on adventures

We will be back, promise!


Aup all. I know this is the second in a row of “we’re still here!” but we will be back!

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Where Are You Guys?


Just a bit of an update, I know we’ve gone all radio silent but we’ve not podfaded, promise!

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Jungle Adventure

2019-04-23 Podcast Episode

Fox dons his boonie hat and heads off on a new adventure!

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Flaming Goat

2019-04-01 Podcast Episode

Fox is headed to work. Commuting using the subway is a tough gig.

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Action Castle III

2019-03-11 Episode

Fox makes his triumpant return to Action Castle.. or.. what’s left of it

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Dangertown Beatdown

2019-02-17 Podcast Episode

You’re in Miami. The year is 1980 something. Neon everything is here.

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