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Jungle Adventure

Fox dons his boonie hat and heads off on a new adventure!

Flaming Goat

Fox is headed to work. Commuting using the subway is a tough gig.

Action Castle III

Fox makes his triumpant return to Action Castle.. or.. what's left of it.

Dangertown Beatdown

Miami. Some time in the 1980s. Neon everything is here.

Spooky Manor

Fox's new job is to deliver a parcel. Sounds pretty mundane right? What adventure could possibly occur in this one?!

Space Station

Fox wakes up in a cryo pod with a splitting headache. How long was he asleep?!

Action Castle II: Return to Action Castle

Hey you remember how we did Action Castle the first one in the previous episode? We recorded the sequel to it, Action Castle 2.. too! At least two weeks have passed since the king was crowned. Now, a humble cobbler with dreams of fortune and glory sets out on a grand adventure! There's actually a part three to this story but I heard somewhere I should keep the audience wanting more, so we're not going to do it straight away, ha ha! In the next episode we're going to pop by space for a bit! Keep those earholes peeled!

Action Castle

After recovering from the sugar high of the previous episode we're heading back to the age of castles and kings. It's Action Castle! Our adventurer begins in his small cottage. There is a fishing pole here. A door leads outside. Where will he go next? I don't know! I write these before we play so that I don't accidentally ruin the episode by including spoilers! Hey do you like the featured image in this one? I thought it was exceptionally fitting. Nice.

Pumpkin Town

Despite only being 2 episodes in, we're doing a special episode! Halloween, that special time of year where everything tastes like pumpkin! In this episode our handsome and absolutely fabulous hero is going trick or treating! The saves? None! The goal? Sweeties! Will our adventurer manage to get a full bag or will something completely zany and unexpected happen? I don't even know! I'm writing this before we've recorded it! Hooray! Exclamation marks!

Six-Gun Showdown

In our pilot episode the man and his computer visit the Wild West! Please do let us know how the episode went, any suggestions for improvement, things of that nature. Let us know how you found us even! hello@wouldyouliketorestart.com You can also comment on this episode by visiting https://www.wouldyouliketorestart.com/1!

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