Action Castle

After recovering from the sugar high of the previous episode we're heading back to the age of castles and kings. It's Action Castle! Our adventurer begins in his small cottage. There is a fishing pole here. A door leads outside. Where will he go next? I don't know! I write these before we play so that I don't accidentally ruin the episode by including spoilers! Hey do you like the featured image in this one? I thought it was exceptionally fitting. Nice.

The game itself is a part of the Parsely series by Jared A. Sorensen, which can be found at Highly recommended if you're in need of a party game and the party is predominantly your nerds or nerd-adjacent types - Now available in hardcover!

All music and sound effects used in Would You Like to Restart are courtesy of Epidemic Sound

The image used in this episode's artwork is by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

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