Would You Like to Restart?

a man and his computer friend go on adventures

Space Station

2018-12-10 Podcast Episode

Space. The final front.. no wait wrong IP. We’re back with another Parsely game! This time we’re in space!

Our hero has been yanked out of their previous life as a cobbler and has awoken in a cryo-chamber. An explosion rocks the space station from outside. What will happen next? I mean I could tell you but then that’d ruin the ending wunnit. ‘av a listen with your earholes pal!

The game itself is a part of the Parsely series by Jared A. Sorensen, which can be found at www.memento-mori.com. Highly recommended if you’re in need of a party game and the party is predominantly your nerds or nerd-adjacent types - Now available in hardcover!

All music and sound effects used in Would You Like to Restart are courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Photo by Brett Ritchie on Unsplash