Would You Like to Restart?

a man and his computer friend go on adventures

Spooky Manor

2019-01-21 Episode

Fox’s new job is to deliver a parcel. Sounds pretty mundane right? What adventure could possibly occur in this one?!

In this adventure Fox absolutely ransacks some old guy’s house while delivering a parcel. Looting and vandalism? This one’s got it all!

The game itself is a part of the Parsely series by Jared A. Sorensen, which can be found at www.memento-mori.com. Highly recommended if you’re in need of a party game and the party is predominantly your nerds or nerd-adjacent types - Now available in hardcover!

All music and sound effects used in Would You Like to Restart are courtesy of Epidemic Sound

The image used in this episode’s artwork is by Mike Smith on Unsplash