Would You Like to Restart?

a man and his computer friend go on adventures

The Introduction

2018-10-13 Vlog Behind the scenes

Chattin’ Bull is our other, much less structured, podcast. In episode 49 we hashed out an idea for a new thing. This thing.

If you’d like to check out more of this banter style format, check out Chattin’ Bull!

Yeah I know I scaled up the video too much on the cameras pointing towards the computer. We’ll use the zoom function next time. That’s my bad right there.

A new podcasting project is on the horizon. It’s name? Would You Like to Restart? We discuss what the project is, what it’s going to be about, how it’s going to work. WYLTR (for short) is going to be a podcast where I (Cohan) play the computer while Fox navigates his way around a semi-imaginary world. We play old-school text adventures such as Zork and see how Fox fares in his quests. Naturally, being the hosts of a show named Chattin Bull we’ll be bringing on the banter during these shows but to contrast Chattin Bull the shows will be more highly produced, with an effort put towards keeping the game’s immersion as intact as possible.

In this episode of Chattin Bull we hash out all of the above, we were recording during our first discussion of the new show, we don’t even have the new name until towards the end of the episode!

If you’ve got any feedback on this, or any of our works, please do leave them in the discussion forum below this episode

A little teaser for the next episode of Chattin’ Bull, our big Five Oh, we’re hoping to have our former regular host Emily involved! That does mean you’ll probably have to wait another three months for the episode but by now you’re used to that sort of thing :P

This episode’s image uses a photo by Maxime Rossignol

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