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Where Are You Guys?


Just a bit of an update, I know we’ve gone all radio silent but we’ve not podfaded, promise!

Hey listener, I just wanted to make a post saying where we’ve gone. I know we’ve not posted anything since April and it’s honestly shocking and terrible of us, but we are coming back!

Essentially it’s been a series of unfortunate events that have demanded much more time than expected. Job moves, weddings, funerals. Feels like life has crammed in as many things as possible in one go, such is life!

We’re through the most of the things that have been eating time though, and we’ve got an episode planned which we hope to record and put out soon!

We’re not gone, just hibernating! We are sorry if you’ve been missing the episodes though, we’ve been missing doing them too!

Just to leave with a more positive vibe since the last episode there’s been over a thousand new downloads.. what the heck! If anyone could let me know where the new ears are coming from I’d hugely appreciate it! The minimal stats we keep don’t track that sort of thing